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Monday, January 7, 2008

What does an HTML tip and Lye Soap have in common?

Well... nothing!

But, today I learned how to turn words into clickable links! Yes, I understand that many people know how to do this and will probably think I'm a little strange that I'm all excited over this... But it's fun! (if you just learned) :)

Lana Manis of Honeysuckle Lane (see, clickable!)... She was so nice in teaching me how to do this. I thought I would pass it on to those of you who might want to know! "Pass it forward" as they say.

So you want a word (or phrase) to be a clickable word link. Ok, so select your word or phrase... I'll use Bluejean Primitives. Now take your mouse and highlight it.

In your edit functions... where you'd create a new post on your blog (or anywhere that has this button), there is a "hyperlink" button.
It's usually a little button that has a world and a chain link on it.
Well, once your word or phrase is highlighted, click on that button. Insert your website address (like mine would look like this: http://www.bluejeanprimitives.net) and then click ok.

It'll look like this: Bluejean Primitives

Isn't that easy and fun?! :)

Thanks Miss Lana!

Oh yes... the Lye Soap! Well... I'm not wonderful at taking candid pictures, but remember the other day when I was making Lye Soap? This is a partial shot of it laid out to cure.

I did end up forming that Chocolate Batch into balls and rolling them into ground cloves. I also made some other soap balls with my recipe of Sweet Potato Brown Sugar Cinnamon but decided to not roll those into any spices. Plus you can see some of the bars all lined up drying. (did you notice the clickable words?) lol!

These are pretty big soap balls. Bigger than a golf ball and should be done curing in a few weeks. Sometimes using the balls is easier than using a bar... then again, they just look nice in a grouping!

Blessings, Jean :)


primitivebettys said...

Thanks Jean!!! I had a 'duh' moment and can now add a clickable link! :)

That is a hum-dinger load of soap too!

Lorraine said...

I want to eat your soap!!!

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

They look wonderful and delicious too! :> )

Lana said...

LOL! You're welcome Jean ~ I was excited when I learned how to do that too!
Your soap looks yummy!

T.F.C. Folk Art said...

Thanks for sharing what you've learned with the rest of us, Jean. Your soap looks wonderful as alwasy!! I only use your soaps now. I am addicted!!