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Friday, February 29, 2008

Here Ye Here Ye!!! Read All About It!

Michele of Holly Tree Primitives has created a wonderful online magazine for anyone who loves Primitives! (well... and there's much more)

The following is the press release:

Spring is a time for celebrating new beginnings! So come celebrate with us at The Olde Prairie Register. We are a free online magazine dedicated to primitives and those who love them. We offer articles on Antiques, media review, interviews with prim artists, tips for crafters, information on the primitive art movement, folk art discovery, fun and commentary. Our first issue comes out March 1st and we would love to see you.

To celebrate our debut issue, we are also holding a huge drawing. So many prizes, and everyone can enter. Simply sign up for the newsletter and you will get a chance to win PLUS advance notification of all that is going on at the "register". Those interested in contributing to the magazine should use the contact form on the website for more information. We would love to here from you and are always looking for submissions. All contributors do receive advertising with their piece.

Also this month, we have an interview with Primitive Artist Dawn from "the Forgotten Barn", a how to on prim porch decorating, and a tour thru Amish country. PLUS we have a fun look at the dangers of primitive crafting and so much more. In addition to the drawing we are also holding a picture contest, so be sure to get the details on that. Winner of the picture contest receives a prize, PLUS, if the winner has a business, an button ad for the month of April.

We hope you stop in and stay awhile, we look forward to sharing our passion for primitives with all of you. See you on March 1st!

I've submitted a fun little article regarding the dangers of Primitive Crafting. And if you know me, you'll know how I've ummm, learned about some of these dangers! (ya ok, some are pretty funny) hahaha.

Here's a LITTLE sneak peak of my article:

Dear Diary,

When I woke this morning, I immediately checked my middle finger on my left hand to see if that Udder Cream had actually worked as I heard it would. YES! My finger is healed almost completely!

For those of you who know what I'm talking about... my quilt is coming along nicely, thank you very much! AND mind you... not one drop of blood on it yet!

For those of you who do NOT know what in the world I'm talking about.... Udder Cream? Like in Cow Udders? oh yes... did you hear me? I said YES like Cows Udders! When you milk cows, those udders can get so very sore... poor cow. So the best medicine is a cream made special for the irritation and raw rubbing on their poor little udders. Well... when you quilt, you're constantly poking your finger that stays on the underside of the Quilt, sometimes until your finger bleeds. Hence: One Sore Finger! Udder Cream to the rescue! Now I can continue onward, destroying my finger for yet another day (I have a whole tub of this cream so I can self inflict wounds on my fingers for a long time! Or... milk a lot of happy cows)

.... wanna read more? Run over to The Olde Prairie Register and put your name on the sign up. There's Give Away's and contests and FREE stuff!


On another little note, I've updated my Poppy Shop today. I've put more of my mini boxes and this good size penny rug up for offer. Check out the other Poppy Shops while you're there!

Blessings, Jean :)

Monday, February 25, 2008

Oh Yes.. ANOTHER Give Away!!!!!

Sometime before March 10th head on over to April's Folk Art and sign up for this Fabulous Prize!!!!!

April describes this Amazing Artwork: Colonial Lamb ~ 12 x 16 inch portrait canvas, with 1 1/2 inch gallery frame sides , the sides are painted . This whimsical portrait oil painting has a rustic finish for a primitive, aged appearance.

She also says this was one of her most favorite paintings she's done!

I'm signing up for sure!!!!

Blessings, Jean :)

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Tagged for Weird and Awards!

Suzanne of Painter of the Past AND Peanut of Countryfolk Keepsakes nominated my blog for the "You Make My Day Award"!

You both are just way too sweet! Thank you SO much for making me feel special!!!

To pass this award on to four other's is going to be tough because I love reading everyone's blogs...

BUT, here's goes.

BJ of Daughter Nature Primitive Folkart JUST created a blog so of course she gets an award!

Wendy of Whendi's Bears

Paula and Tammie of Primitive Sisters

Annie of Chickadee Primitives

(sorry if you've been awarded this before! but you're blogs are great!)

Doreen of Vermont Harvest Primitives who's such a wonderful friend of mine passed on this award to me called the "The Art Prize and Award"

It's described as:

"This prize has arisen from the daily visits that I dedicate to many blogs which nourish me and enrich me with creativity. In them I see dedication, creativity, care, comradeship, but mainly, ART, much art. I want to share this prize with all those bloggers that entertain me day to day and to share this prize with those who enrich me every day. "

I'm to pass this along to three Artisans but I just CAN'T pick only three! I love too many!

SO I'm going to cheat a little and pass this along to:

TDIPT Mercantile

Simply Primitives

Lemon Poppy Seeds

WEIRD you ask???? WELL..... Miss Weird Betty of Primitivebettys has tagged me to come up with FIVE wierd things about myself!

Before I think REAL hard on this (ahem), let it be said, documented and written, I'll remember this Betty! hehehehe

Ok Ok Ok...

1. I'm a Bingo and Give Away Addict. When I was a young girl, I always entered those 'send in contests' also... and if you give me a scratch off lotto card? oh I'm all over it!

2. I use my Marshmallow Gun. Repeat: Use it.

3. I put "..." way too often when I'm typing.

4. I talk to my artist tools. YES I sure do! You should hear what all I say to my felting needle.

5. This may be more NORMAL than weird but I pick on Sarah, and enjoy it. And truth be told? I try to pick on her often. :)

SO here's the deal. I now get to select 5 people to keep this game moving along...

Sarah of The Paisley Studio

Peanut of Countryfolk Keepsakes

Lorraine of PieCake Primitives

Suzanne of Painter of the Past

Doreen of Vermont Harvest

This was fun!
Thanks ya'll!
Blessings, Jean :)

Saturday, February 23, 2008

TDIPT GIVE AWAY!!!! Happy Birthday to youuuuu!

A Birthday where everyone else can get presents? YEP! This is going to be a major event!

THE best Give Away and you just have to be a part of it.

TONS of items, by ohhhhh the Best Artisans are up for the winning!

TDIPTmercantile is turning 1 on March 1rst!

Here's TDIPT's own words about this fantastic Give Away celebration:

We're rolling out the RED CARPET all month long to show all of our loyal visitors and customers just how much they mean to us! We're so excited, and we want to share this milestone w/ all of you who have helped to make TDIPT so very successful!

So...when you stop by the Merc on March 1st to do a little shopping, we'll have plenty of surprises in store for you! You'll definately want to enter your name in the drawing for a chance to win one of the lovely handmades our generous artisans will be donating as prizes! Also, try your luck at winning a TDIPT Gift Certificate.

We'll be lookin for ya, so don't miss out.

I donated a nice little pile of my Lye Soap (but, no peaking until TDIPT begins showing off the prizes!)

So, with all this said..... Happy Birthday To You! Happy Birthday To You! Happy Birthday Dear TDIPTmercantile! Happy Birthday To You! (... and many morrrreeeeeee)

Blessings, Jean <~ Proud member of TDIPT :)

ps. Remember: MARCH 1rst get on over there!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Full Eclipse February 20, 2008

Well, I tried to take some good photo's of the eclipse last night, but the full eclipse didn't come out at all. Here's the first shot as it's just happening.

Then a little bit more....

and a little bit more..... (mind you I'm outside FREEZING during this) lol

here's it's almost gone.... (I'm frozen by now)

Here as you can see, my camera couldn't pick up the full eclipse at all.

(Yes Sarah, I was pointing the camera directly AT the moon) LOL

I was so tired that I ended up going to bed so I didn't get shots of the eclipse going away... When it was fully covered it was amazing! The color was a blood red. Almost spooky.

I'll post more later today because I have ANOTHER Blog Give Away to let you in on....

Blessings, Jean :)

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Mini Boxes

This looks like a Christmas picture with a pile of presents!

I'm in a box covering mood this last week and I had these little mini mache' boxes... and went to work. They turned out so cute!

I'm getting ready to list them on my website... but I'm thinking I'll get some listed tonight and have to finish listing the rest in the morning. The Alien isn't feeling very well tonight so I'm keeping an eye on her. Hope it's just a little bug and not a flu!

Oh... and I just found out I'm going to be a Great Aunt for the first time! Congrats Jessie!!!!

Blessings, Jean :)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

New Offerings!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

My Valentine just so happens to be my Alien. She baked us up a batch of chocolate brownies, and when I'm finished updating all my co-op sites, I plan on hitting the couches with her, watching a good movie, eating those brownies (ok I may have 2!). Just the thought of be lazy together puts me in a good mood!

Speaking of co-op sites, I update the 15th of every month on 3.... and one of those I also update on the 1rst.

For TDIPTMercantile.com I made this wool penny rug. I'd been in a mood to play with color, and well, I guess I just wanted to play with a Lot of color! There's a couple other fun rugs/mats on there also.

The one below here is on SimplyPrimitives.com along with some other goodes.

On LemonPoppySeeds.com I made some simple covered box sets. I love these brown and blue set.

Maybe it's a good thing I've been so busy, otherwise I'd tell my Alien it was Valentine's Day more often just to get the brownies and lay around and watch movies! :)

Warm Fuzzies to you!

Blessings, Jean :)

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Wooo Hooo! Another GIVE AWAY!!!!

Lorraine of Piecake Primitives is having her 100th Posting Give Away!

Look at the Goodies you can win!

Lorraine writes: You will receive a hand painted angel ornie, 2 beeswax star ornies, and 2 cards...these are the first cards I have ever made!

You don't need to have a blog created to enter, just leave a comment, on her blog... with your email address so she can contact you if you win!

And she's offering a perk for those of us "plugging her" (as she says) on our blogs for an additional chance to win the above wonderful Goodies!!!!!

Lorraine said: You have until Saturday, February 23rd 2008 11:59 p.m. to enter...I will pull the names sometime on Sunday, the 24th, and hopefully announce the winners that evening.

And by the way... Lorraine!!!! I LOVE your cards!!!!

Blessings, Jean :)

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Daffodils? In February????

It's a nice day here in Central Kentucky, so I thought I would get out in the yard and begin picking up the zillions of branches and twigs that were blown down from this last weeks horrible weather we had.

Look what I found behind the shed!!!!! Can you believe it????

It's only February 9th! These babies must have sprouted early this week and here I am just finding them. (you can see all the millions of little twigs I get to pick up too.. ugh)

Daffodils tend to grow wild here in Kentucky, it's amazing. You should see some of the rolling meadows filled with thousands of them... a sea of yellow. It's breath taking for sure!

This put me right into spring fever!

Blessings, Jean :)

Monday, February 4, 2008

Still playing with Color

Here I go experimenting again...

I used a khaki green (army green? primitive green? it's a "something green") foundation for this penny rug. I wasn't sure about it as I was stitching it... I kept walking away, coming back to it... looking at it from across the room.... then I decided to finish it and just run with it. lol

I love to experiment with things... and yes you should have seen some of my disasters in the cooking area! BUT, sometimes things come out differently and fresh and new when you just dive in and do it a little different. You might just end up throwing things away also! ha ha! (which I've done more than a few times) Ahhh then there's those happy accidents that you didn't mean for them to happen but are so glad you went out of the box to experiment.

I think I'm going to save this penny rug for an update I have on the 15th of this month. I'm going to keep watching it for a few more days and see what other idea's I come up with... if any.

Blessings, Jean :)

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Darker Penny Rug

I thought I would do something a little different when making this penny rug... I used a black wool foundation, which to me, gave it a more Folk Art twist.

Made the same as my other penny rugs... just a little different!

Poppy Shop

You can click on the above link to find it in my new Poppy shop.

When I was invited to have a booth at Lemon Poppy Seeds the name was just so cute, how could I say no! Plus DJ who runs it is such a sweetheart! It's all primitives, with new item updates twice a month... Some of the Artisans update more often so keep checking back.