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Sunday, December 30, 2007

One Alien Claw

Alien life forms do exist.
One report has shown that after spending last night in the ER with an 18 year old
Teenager (aka: Alien)... for slamming her right thumb digit in her car door...
the proof strengthens that Yes, Alien life forms are all around us.
This particular picture shows an unbroken digit, covered in a massive bandage.
The Doctor report reveals that the Alien claw will fall off and she will sprout a new one.

As you can see, completely bed ridden... (this was just a couch but it has been transformed to appear like a hospital bed). The Alien appears to be doing well and seems excited that she has a 4 day Doctors excuse from work.

The Aliens Earth Mother smiled the entire visit at the ER last night until 2:30 am, but frowned at the Doctor for not giving Her a 4 day, no work ticket.

When the Earth Mother mentioned to the Alien, that Earth women can have children and go home the very next day and continue their routine... the Alien just gave a blank stare.

My research to prove Alien's do exist will continue.

Blessings, Jean :)


The Paisley Studio said...

Does the Alien know you posted her picture here? Clara would kill me!


Bluejean Primitives said...

She does... she's used to her Earth Mother teasing her. I did feel sorry for her though! I know it hurt bad.

Cook said...

you know, if my mom had posted pics of me growing up everytime I pulled a bonehead, I'd have kept her busy with uploads!
Poor sweets ... hope she is mended now.