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Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Beginning of an Online Romance!

Riley the Wonder Dog has an Admirer!

First let me explain... Miss Riley blew out her knee on her back leg about a week ago. The Vet says this is pretty serious and it'll take 6 - 8 weeks to heal, plus measures to strengthen it for the months ahead. She ripped her ligament and now her knee pop's out of place. Plus that evil Vet said Riley has to drop some weight! OH NO!!!!
How much? A LOT!

ALL Miss Riley will do is sit on her pillow and will only get up to eat or do her business... and to truth be told, she's really not eating much either. I think it's the meds that are making her not hungry. It's so sad!

Riley's Human thought it a grand idea to let her run like the wind at her Parents Farm, while this Human was driving around the 4 wheeler. Riley's Human Grandparents said her little legs were going SO fast they couldn't see them... just a little blurr underneath her.
(guilt guilt guilt)

BUT! There's this GUY over in Oregon who has taken a fancy to Miss Riley and he sent her this AWESOME get well pail FILLED with all kinds of goodies!!!!!!!
I do believe this GUY sorta kinda likes Miss Riley!

Isn't this cool? A painters bucket was filled with an ambulance stuffed toy, an edible card, a bag of gormet cookies, an attachment for a water bottle so Riley can get a drink while we're out and about and prayer charm for her collar!

Poor Riley still is too injured to get up and check everything out but BOY WAS HER TAIL WAGGIN! She couldn't wait to chow down on a couple cookies!

She loves the edible card... but she kept eyeing that ambulance!


Ahhhhh Playful Riley back in action.... ya ok, so she looks like she's super glued to the pillow. That's ok! She's all happy!!!!!

THANK YOU STEWIE!!!!!! (lick lick lick)

I think you got Riley's attention!

Now about this GUY. Hmmmm just WHAT do we know about him?

His name is Stewie!

Well, Riley thinks he's REALLY cute! She's been told he's a Puggle breed! YES! He's a mixed Pug just like her!!! He's a little bit taller than her and a little bit older. He's got those dreamy eyes that all the Girls swoon over... and he also has a loud bark! (but we're getting reports he's just an old softy) PLUS... his home town is RIGHT HERE in Kentucky!!!!!!

Riley says: NICE TAIL!

Now how can Riley resist this picture and not have little heart flutters???

He even lives in a house with a Volcano view!

He owns a Human by the Nickname of Mo... who's SUCH a wonderful friend to Riley's human. (so at least the inlaws will get along great hehehe)

What do you think? I think they'd make a GREAT Couple!!!!

I will keep you informed of this little online romance that's begun... along with Riley's recovery.

Blessings, Jean
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BB said...

LOL...those puppies!!!!

Wings and Paws Primitives said...

ahhhh, Thank you for putting my chubby baby on your blog... He is very humbled!! I am SOOOOO happy Riley got her Road to Recovery pail!!! Stewie's tail is waggin' just thinkin' about it!!! Hugs and Loves to you and Riley... Love, Mo and Stewie!!!

Wings and Paws Primitives said...

PS.... Stewie likes Riley just the way she is, and he thinks that old vet is nuts!!! She looks good to him!! Hugs, MO

Trudy Honeycutt ~ Folk Artist said...

What a precious pup romance!! My best to Riley for a quick recovery, and hugs to Stewie for being such a great friend!! Stop by my blog for a give away, Jean!! Hugs, Trudy in Colorado

Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

I loved this post. Who can resist a love story full of long distance romance, endearing gifts and yes, I agree with Riley - a very nice tail, indeed!!
Thanks for the warm fuzzies.

Cookie said...

sounds like a major case of


they are both just as cute as can be!! ♥ Here's to better days Miss Riley ♥

GoldieLoo Woodworks said...

And they called it puppy loveeeee...No puppies please though ok ? ;)I hope Miss Riley gets well asap. Poor gal. Sure was a super nice gift from her Bo.

Bluejean Primitives said...

If a Puggle and a Chug make babies, they would be Chuggles right? LOL


Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Stewie is quite the stud muffin! My Darla was eye-ballin' him on my computer screen, but I told her he was already spoken for.
I hope Riley is back to her sweet lil' self lickety-split! :> )
P.S. I hear weddin' bells...

Lorraine said...

LOL!! How Romantic!! Am I invited to the wedding??
Stewie is a very good beau..he knows how to treat a lady!!:o)

Andrea said...

That is so cute and sweet! What a very cute story. And they call it puppy love! LOL! :-) Hoping Miss Roley gets better real soon!


Annie said...

What a little gentleman! And he has such good taste!



Doreen said...

What a smitten pup stewie must be...sending his little sweetheart such nice gifts. :)

Poor little Riley still looks rather pooped out....I'm so glad stewwie and Mo sent her a care package.

MO...stewie is such a cutie!!!!

Hugs to you and Riley Bean.


Lana said...

awww, a match made in doggie-heaven!

hope riley feels better soon!

Suzanne said...

Awww, how sweet of Stewie (and Mo). Riley and Stewie make an adorable puppy couple. Hope Miss Riley is feeling better soon.

The Paisley Studio/Sarah McNamara said...

RIley is one hot mama -- of course Stewie is in love with her!

Hope she is feling better.


Wings and Paws Primitives said...

Jeaner, stop by my blog there are "well" wishes for Riley girl... Hugs, MO and Stewie!

Wendy said...

How sweet! Hope she is getting along in her recovery.....my oh my is Stewie a handsome chap!

T.F.C. Folk Art said...

I hope Riley is doing better, Jean. How sweet of Mo & Stewie to send her all that stuff.

Holly Tree Primitives said...

AHHHHHHHH, that is so sweet!

Love is in the air........


Rachael Kinnison said...

why am I hearng 'chikka chikka bow wow' music JEAN???? LOL Ohhh golly I hope not so little chunka munka is getting better! I guess there IS such a thing as having too much fun! Jayson got me a mini doxie in April~ Dixie~ we all currently have the flu here~ I mean ALL 6 of us! So Ill ring you when I can talk! Give her a smoochy for me!

Wood n' Whimsy said...

Glad Riley is on the mend. She's not to injured to land a hottie like Stewie, though. I guess, injured or not if you've got it, you've got it! Lil' hussy. This is my first visit to your blog. Checked out your website, too. Very nice. I have prim blog and website, but not much action on my site. How do you feel about DIY store? Was it worth the initial investment? I have a Prostores site and not getting anywhere. Do you or your readers have suggestions on what works? Come on by for a visit. See ya soon. God Bless, Celene

Kimmie said...

Awww...what a beautiful story! I am such a softie for a romance.:-)

I hope Riley is feely much better, and Stewie...well Bless His Little Heart for being so Chilverous. (sp?). ;-) This really made me smile. Thanks Jean.

P.S. I will FINALLY be opening my Prim Offerings Blog within the next few weeks! Thank The Maker. Had a little snag with the passing of my Dad last week, but I am pushing myself to get my handmades out there. :-)