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Thursday, February 14, 2008

New Offerings!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

My Valentine just so happens to be my Alien. She baked us up a batch of chocolate brownies, and when I'm finished updating all my co-op sites, I plan on hitting the couches with her, watching a good movie, eating those brownies (ok I may have 2!). Just the thought of be lazy together puts me in a good mood!

Speaking of co-op sites, I update the 15th of every month on 3.... and one of those I also update on the 1rst.

For TDIPTMercantile.com I made this wool penny rug. I'd been in a mood to play with color, and well, I guess I just wanted to play with a Lot of color! There's a couple other fun rugs/mats on there also.

The one below here is on SimplyPrimitives.com along with some other goodes.

On LemonPoppySeeds.com I made some simple covered box sets. I love these brown and blue set.

Maybe it's a good thing I've been so busy, otherwise I'd tell my Alien it was Valentine's Day more often just to get the brownies and lay around and watch movies! :)

Warm Fuzzies to you!

Blessings, Jean :)


Doreen said...

Hi Jean. These are all beautiful btu I especially love the fabric covered boxes. They are so pretty. I love blue and brown together.


Julie said...

Oh my goodness! I just love everything about your blog -- including your name!!!!

I can't wait to come back and visit for longer -- the weather is getting pretty bad here (in Louisiana) and I'm pretty sure that I need to cut this visit short!

Have a safe, blessed weekend!

Many Blessings,

Lorraine said...

Everything looks awesome, Jean!! I wish I had $$$$:o)!

The Paisley Studio/Sarah McNamara said...

Save me a brownie, Jean! LOVE everything -- the boxes are really neat.


Lana said...

Oh I love the brown and blue boxes! Finally got you added to my blog list Miss Jean! Have a lovely day!

April said...

I love them all Jean! You sure know the art of cozy

naomisnotions said...

I hope you enjoyed your brownies! I just found your blog from LPS! I love it!!! But I'm lost about the Alien??? Should I dare ask? LOL...

You do AWESOME work!!! I also checked you out on Etsy!!! :)


Cookie said...

You are the queen of pennys~ and boxes too! I love the fabrics you used on this set - I want it all, Jean - it's all so lovely.