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Monday, September 14, 2009

Poor Fat Riley

Fat Riley started at 28lbs. 2 months now, down to 24.5. New diet from Vet will crash her down quicker. Goal is to get to 15-17lbs. POOR RILEY! And yes... she oinks.

Blessings, Jean
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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Walnut Head Dolls Adopted!

Well here's the other girls I made... I like these mammy hats also. But these all are sold now from a pre-sale so I'll get some more made up for offering!!!!

Blessings, Jean
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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Black Walnut Dolls... New item

I love working with black walnuts... as you can tell from that basket of black walnuts that's in nearly every item picture I've taken for almost two years! LOL!

So I had this vision last year of these little Ladies and this week I've made them come alive.

(it's just more of a candid picture shot, as you can tell I just plopped them on my prop area there)

All hand stitched, vintage and hand dyed cottons and wools... made into a prairie doll - bottle doll fashion... with of course, black walnut heads. They even have little wooden stands to make them stand up. They're all about 6 inches tall and they look SO CUTE with their full apron's and dresses just standing there.

These were my first three (in order) and I'm working on a bunch more on the craft table... As I work on each one, she'll take on a personality of her own and she'll have to tell me what kind of apron she wants, or what color shawl... and of course, the bonnet... that always determines her first impression when she goes out in public.

Some are very primitive... a couple I even used micro checked and REALLY made full aprons... I'm even working on a pure aged white one (ya ok, it's more blanc). Just having a little fun over here in Kentucky on a cold wet day...

I haven't named them yet... "Nuthead's" came to mind, but that's really not so primitive is it? Hmmmm, someone mentioned "Cupboard Tuck"... I think they look like a Primitive Thumbelina!

I'll have them up for sale when I get more finished here in the next day (or couple of).... I may even save a couple for an update or two on either The Eclectic Artisans Webshow, or The Humble Arts around the first of the month..... decisions... decisions.... ehhhh I'll think of that later. I want to go back and play dress up with my dollies!

Blessings, Jean
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Sunday, March 15, 2009

I'm in love again.... sighhhh

I want them all!

These are Kelle Arvay's pug puppies... you know, she breeds them. You also know that it's completely unfair that she lives so far away from me. You also know that I often think of dognapping in my spare time... maybe after I hit Annie's house for Marshall, I can cruise on over to Kelle's house and grab an armfull of these. (maybe two armfulls) hehehehe

Blessings, Jean
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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Google Blog Search

Here's a great link for you to save in your fav's!


It's cool. You can even search on recently updated blogs in the date range.

Thought I'd pass it along to you!

Oh... and Annie is REALLY teasing me lately with posting pictures.
Just LOOK at this face!


Blessings, Jean
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